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Jukebox '59

How many nickels, dimes, and quarters did you drop in that jukebox at the Buccaneer Cove? Or at the Chat-N-Chew? Or how about Picks? Or other hang-outs? Would you like to listen to some of those great oldies? Below you will find some links that will let you cruise in your '59 Impala through cyberspace to the web sites listed below and enjoy some oldies. Some of these web sites are quite large and may take a while to download. You'll find some real neat graphics in addition to the cool music. Have fun!

Note: When you select a link below you will leave our Class of '59 Web Site. To return Click the "Back" button at the top of your browser.

Click a link below.

Den's Oldies Lyrics Page

Note: This web site contains a wealth of lyrics for songs from several decades.

Index of Jazz Midi Files

Note: All you have to do here is click on the title of the song.

Luciano's Piano Bar

Note: Great Latin songs are to be heard here. Click on the button at the left of a song title to select it. To close the "player" window, click on the "x" box.

Oldies Music

Note: This is a huge library of songs and information.

Our Midi Jukebox

Note: You're really going to like this web site. Look for the categories at the bottom of the Jukebox screen.

Página Musical De René Ramos

Note: This web site originates in Puerto Rico and has great upbeat Latin music. You won't sit still for long.

Untimate Midi File Collection

Note: There's a wide variety of music categories on this web site.


Note: It takes a while for the web site to download. You need "Real Audio" player, which you can download free.

Wanderers Oldies Midi Music

Note: When asked if you want to download the "Cresendo" player, you may have to click "no" several times, if you don't want to download it.

Wanderers Crusin' 50's

Note: You will need "Real Audio" at the web site to play the songs. Neat graphics are to be found here.

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