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Welcome, Mates!

You have reached the award winning web site of the Class of '59 Battlin' Buccaneers. We graduated from Roy Miller High School, in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

If you are a classmate finding us for the first time, let us know where we can send you our newsletters, for there's already some discussions about a 45-year reunion. Look our web pages over, e-mail us, and sign our GuestBook.

Internet surfers who have hit this web site are also welcome to browse our pages and sign our GuestBook.

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Guestbook lets you sign in and leave comments
In Memory displays senior photos of departed classmates
Jukebox '59 lists links to music from our high school days
Reunion Pictures displays pictures from the 40-Year Reunion
Searching presents a list of classmates we're searching for
Senior Photos photos of classmates who attended the reunion
SnapShots displays some pictures from previous reunions
Updates displays personal classmate updates

~ Class of '59 Reunion ~

May 21, 1999 - Reception

May 22, 1999 - Lunch, Miller Tour, Dinner & Dance

Holiday Inn Emerald Beach (Shoreline)

Planning Committee Members

The Locals

Mary Mosel Kunkle: (512) 643-6279,

Liz Webb Shipp: (512) 852-2024,

David Irving: (512) 643-3735,

Jim Baggett: (512) 241-8040

Diana McCrady: (512) 387-8277,

Thomas Sonny Gordy: (512) 992-3260

Becky Wilson Isenberg: (512) 242-9403,

Myra Jane Alston McCrary: (512) 643-5829

Ted Garcia: (512) 854-7834,


The Out-of-towners

James Kemp: (830) 997-7202,

Mac Bineham: (301) 248-9107,

Joe Yardas: (800) 899-4215,

Richard Zey: (281) 980-8294,

Jimmy Wells: (210) 657-0830,

Crystal Gandy McGinnis: (830) 895-2736,

Joy Stanberry Holeman: (800) 252-8009

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