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The pictures on this page were provided by Johnny Barrera and taken at Len Shelton's "mini-reunion" in Houston, Texas. The Party Guest List is found below the last picture.

Photo 1

Front Row: Len Shelton, Sue Ann Gore, Betty Killen, Rose Mary Hastings, Linda Lucas, Patsy Hobbs, Buddy Laurence.

Back: Toby Hale, Johnny Barrera, Joe Yardas, Harold Jordan, Ben Spivey, Elmo Speckels, and Bill Porter.

Photo 2

Johnny Barrera & Len Shelton

Photo 3

Sue Ann Gore, Elmo Speckels, Joyce Jackson Spivey, and Ben Spivey

Photo 4

Betty Killen, Bill Lucas, Joe Yardas

Photo 5

Sue Ann Gore & Len Shelton

Leonard's Mini-Reunion of January 30, 1999

Class of 1959

  • Len Shelton - Host
  • Johnny Barrera
  • Bill Porter
  • Sue Ann Gore
  • Linda Lucas
  • Toby Hale
  • Ben Spivey
  • Rose Marie Hastings (Contreras)
  • Elmo Speckels
  • Patsy Hobbs (Steenburgh)
  • Joe Yardas
  • Harold Jordan
  • Betty Killen
  • Buddy Laurence

Class of 1960

  • Armandina Flores (Barrera) - Wife of Johnny Barrera

Class of 1961

  • Janice Gore (Thomas) - Sister of Sue Ann Gore
  • Nancy Gootee (Yardas) - Wife of Joe Yardas
  • Joyce Jackson (Spivey) - Wife of Ben Spivey
  • Bill Lucas - Brother of Linda Lucas

Husbands, Wives & Friends

  • Pam Lucas - Wife of Bill Lucas
  • Brenda Jordan - Wife of Harold Jordan
  • Abel Contreras - Husband of Rose Hastings
  • B.J. Laurence - Wife of Buddy Laurence
  • Roy Steenburger - Husband of Patsy Hobbs
  • Beverly Kockler - Date of Bill Porter
  • Melton Brock
  • Mark Johnson
  • Davis Raley


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