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Hi, Classmates & Friends

First, let me wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday. As you can see above, I got started early on my turkey dinner.

It seems that this is a season for holiday poems. Here's one I found surfing the 'Net:

Funny Bird
(Author Unknown)

A turkey is a funny bird,
Its head goes wobble, wobble,
All it knows is just one word,
"Gobble, gobble, gobble."

Oh, well, good material is hard to come by.

Note: The Reunion Pictorial Booklet has had some delays. Earl Parr has been trying to get in touch with the publisher, but a return call has not been received. The delay has not been a local problem, but with the publisher. As soon as word is received on the status of our Pictorial Book, I'll e-mail everyone. Once again, have a great holiday.